Mads Winther

CEO | Elding

Elding is the Dixons of his country. Mads set up 24 years ago. Elding also sells other products sourced directly by his team as well as those from Dixons. His businesses now control approx 40% of the market.

When I started mentoring with Mads, he was looking to handing over the reins to his two sons (30 and 24). Since my mentoring and coaching he has had a transformation in his thinking, passion and energy. He is not just continuing to be involved in the business but now is in the process of making Elding a truly mega European business. Expanding into Denmark, Nordics, Italy and Spain.

Having completed the Radical Transformation mentoring, he has wanted me to work on his teams to have Peak performance teams. In June I went over and did a couple of days with the team and we also had fun fishing and enjoying nature in his summer house next to the Ocean.

"We have got more than we could have ever thought possible for our investment" - Mads Winther

Steffen Hoffman

Managing Parter | iMallinvest Europe

Founded iMallinvest Europe in 2014. Prior to this he had some high level roles in Real Estate Investment advisory. He has been a very successful entrepreneur completing one of the largest property transaction in Europe in 2016/17.

“We advise institutional real estate investors and developers of urban shopping destinations in their acquisitions, complex asset restructuring and disposal programs”

Track Record - Nine successfully completed large-scale real estate transactions with a total transaction volume exceeding €1.1bn, plus delivery of various bread-and-butter advisory mandates for standing assets, for example related to value creation through holistic scheme repositioning programs or the optimization of net operating income positions through improved operational management structures

Since my work with him, his pipeline has grown to having possibly his best year yet! He had just had a deal finalised last month (notarised) where he sold a large shopping center and offices in Europe for one of the largest global property funds. They were having problems selling it and Steffen got the mandate and delivered.

"It may change your thinking, but who cares if it helps? It makes you successful!" - Steffen Hoffman